12-Year-Old Uses Dungeons And Dragons to Help Dad Solve Scientific Riddle
When you look at someone, you are immediately drawn to their eyes. Scientists have been unsure if this is because humans are programmed to stare at eyes or at faces in general. Alan Kingstone, a psychologist at the University of British Columbia, had been working on this quandary and was having trouble thinking of an experiment which separated the eyes from the center of the face. He was telling h
Competitive Horseshoes Has Some Tough Competitors
Being a pro athlete takes a ridiculous amount of hard work and dedication. You have to watch your diet to the most detailed calorie. You have to do an ungodly amount of strength and endurance training. You put your career, future and life on the line every time you take the playing field. Believe it or not, the same can be said for pro-horseshoes throwers.
World’s Biggest Connect-the-Dots Picture Makes a Real Masterpiece
Remember those connect-the-dot pictures from your childhood? Multiply that by about 6,000 and you get artist Thomas Pavitte‘s incredible new project that just might be the single most complex connect-the-dots image ever. Not only did he design the illustration, he connected the 6,293 dots himself. It took Pavitte nine hours to connect them all, revealing a legendary masterpiece as you’ve never see