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Norah Jones - Official Music Videos
Norah Jones is a multi-talented singer, song-writer, musician who brings her unique style to pop/jazz/blues tunes. We have her official music videos gathered here for you to enjoy without having to search the internet.
Bon Jovi - Official Music Videos
The New Jersey based group known as Bon Jovi formed in 1983. In that 30 something years a lot of music has been made. We have their official music videos, and there are a lot of them, for you to enjoy.
No Doubt - Official Music Videos
No Doubt has been together since 1986 and still continue to wow crowds with their punk/alternative rock music. Rumor has is that the group is currently working on a new album,  but until that is confirmed here are their official music videos to enjoy.
Creed - Official Music Videos
Creed formed in 1993 as an alternative rock band out of Florida. They've gone through some changes over the years and are currently on hiatus. However, we have their official music videos for you still enjoy.
Sheryl Crow - Official Music Videos
Sheryl Crow is an American singer/songwriter/musician who has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. We just happen to have put together all of her amazing videos into one convenient place.
Rixton - Official Music Videos
Rixton is from Manchester, England who were originally discovered on YouTube. They started by doing covers and uploading to YouTube. We have those videos here for you to enjoy.
Barenaked Ladies - Official Music Videos
Canadian band Barenaked Ladies has been making music together for over 25 years now and they aren't stopping anytime soon. The band has a new album coming soon and will be touring in support of it this summer. So here are some of their official music videos to hold you until then.
Melissa Etheridge - Official Music Videos
Melissa Etheridge has been in the music business since 1988 when her self-titled debut album was released. She's had decades of great music and a few videos to go along with them. Check out her official music videos.
Lifehouse - Official Music Videos
Lifehouse released their first album in 2001 with the lead single 'Hanging by a Moment'. The song went #1 and they have released 6 other album since then, selling over 15 million records worldwide. Check out their official music videos.
Five for Fighting - Official Music Videos
John Ondrasik, better known as Five for Fighting celebrates 13 years and 6 albums, the latest of which is Bookmarks. Ondrasik began playing piano at age 3 and continued formal lessons until he was 13 at which time his mother allowed him to stop lessons. He continued to play but now it was for fun.
Hozier - Official Music Videos
Irish singer/songwriter, Hozier, released his debut EP just 2 years ago but he's making his mark on the music world. He's already performed on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Saturday Night Live, The Voice and is up for a Grammy Award for Song of the Year.

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