Man Rappelled Down Canyton to Rescue a Dog
A man hiking in Arizona rappelled down a 350 canyon to rescue a dog that was trapped there. Watch this heartwarming video that highlights the rescue and shows how the dog is doing after the rescue.
A Fish That Likes to be Pet
Most of us have dogs or cats that we can snuggle up to and pet. They love it as much as we do but what about fish, do they like to be pet too? Apparently so.
Unique Gifts for Pet Lovers - Our Top 5 List
There are millions of gifts out there for pet lovers, but these 5 really take the cake. We scoured the internet looking for the greatest gifts for the pet lover in your life. From sweet to silly, you're sure to find something perfect below.
Beagle Uses Chair to Climb Counter for Food
Have you ever wondered what your dog, or other pets, do when you're not at home? Well, if they are like this dog, at least they are not going hungry. Check out this beagle, who figured out how to move a chair around so that it could climb the counter to get to a tasty treat. This is one of thos…
Chaz Seeks Advice on Dealing with Pet with Cancer
I recently found out that my 9 year old boxer has cancer, something that is not that uncommon with boxers.  But, my wife and I are not sure yet where to go from here, and we need a little advice.  Have you ever had to go through this experience with your pet?

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