shay's spotlight artist of the week

Avicii – Shay’s Spotlight Artist of the Week
Avicii is a Swedish DJ, remixer and producer. His real name is Tim Bergling.Over the last couple of years he has become a superman in the world of DJ's and music. And he makes me feel old..he was born in '89, the year before I graduated high school. At only 24 he's been nominated for …
Jennifer Lopez – Shay’s Spotlight Artist of the Week
Jennifer Lopez began her career not as a singer, but rather, as an actress in 1986 with a small role in a film. She then landed a role on 'In Living Color' as a dancer. Singing came later but has been her most lucrative choice. She is also a clothing designer, producer, and author.
Selena Gomez – Shay’s Spotlight Artist of the Week
Selena Gomez is a Texas girl, born in Grand Prairie in 1992. She was an actress staring in TV shows like Barney & Friends, Suite Life of Zach & Cody, Hannah Montana. She then starred in her own TV series, Wizards of Waverly Place, on the Disney channel. In 2009 Selena turned to a car…
Neon Trees – Shay’s Spotlight Artist of the Week
Neon Trees is a alternative pop rock band from Utah consisting of 3 guys and 1 girl. They started getting their taste of fame in 2008 when they were the opening act for 'The Killers'. Then in 2010 they released their own album and single, which made it into the Top 20 of Billboard.
Michael Buble
Michael Buble, I love you! Sorry, I had to get that out of the way. Listening to Buble is relaxing and takes you back to a different era. Reminds me of the 'Rat Pack' in so many ways. Michael Buble is this weeks spotlight artist simply because I don't think he gets the accolades he de…
Pharrell Williams
I am intrigued by Pharrell Williams. Over the last few months it seems that he's everywhere. He's singing, producing, collaborating, making TV appearances and more.
Bruno Mars – Shay’s Spotlight Arist of the Week
I honestly didn't know who Bruno Mars was until I watched an episode of Glee in which they used his music. I loved the song, 'Just The Way You Are' and Googled it to see the original artist was. Then I listened to more of his work and began to enjoy him so much I added him to my iPod.
I'm a DJ so I embrace many different types of music. I like country, some pop, jazz, blues, and christian. However, one form of 'music' I've never really been a fan of is rap. It's just not that appealing to me. That is, until I heard Pitbull. I love Mr. Worldwide!!