Things to Do When Your Electricity Goes Out
Last night here in Abilene a huge storm blew through causing wind damage and some flooding. In many areas the power went out, and in some cases,took more than 24 hours to be restored. I was lucky, our power was out only about an hour. So what do you do when the power goes out?
80 MPH Winds Hit Abilene
I knew the minute the NOAA weather guys said that these storms are capable of producing winds up to 70 miles an hour that Abilene and the Big Country would be seeing some serious damage. When the storm was over I went out to see what was banging on the side of my house, that's when I noticed trees w…
Storm Surfers-New Zealand;Crazy Or Genius? [VIDEO]
Sunday is my t.v. watching day, usually there isn’t much on so I head to the upper channels where reality, documentary or movies might catch my eye.  Today I found a show about storm surfers from New Zealand. These guys are absolutely crazy, in my opinion, however, others may se…
Cold Weather Here Is Picnic Elsewhere
We've got cold weather in the Big Country this week, at least cold to us.  People from up north literally laugh at our definition of cold.
But the cold isn't just limited to the far northern parts of the U.S.  right now.   The Atlanta airport is shut down due to heavy snow, i…