Winter Storm Warning
We got a taste of winter a couple weeks back, but now we're in store for a full serving as an arctic blast makes its way towards our neck of the woods.
The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for West Central Texas.
Introducing Our New Interactive Weather Page
We're happy to introduce our new weather page - where you can view current conditions, see the five-day forecast, and explore the interactive weather map. You can use it for the latest updates, to plan for the rest of the week, or just to find out what's going on in the region...
Heat Wave Stresses Power Grid
The relentless heat across the eastern portion of the U.S. is stressing the power grid. In the Abilene area, we are on track to shatter records for the most days above 100 degrees in a year.
You may remember that last summer, Abilene had rolling blackouts over a couple of days due to an overload on …
Cold Weather Here Is Picnic Elsewhere
We've got cold weather in the Big Country this week, at least cold to us.  People from up north literally laugh at our definition of cold.
But the cold isn't just limited to the far northern parts of the U.S.  right now.   The Atlanta airport is shut down due to heavy snow, i…