Taylor Swift stars in a new commercial for Capital One, which features a bunch of Lover album Easter eggs.

The credit card company unveiled a new advertisement on Friday morning (July 25), which sees the "You Need to Calm Down" singer hilariously fail as a bartender and waitress. In the video, she tries to make cocktails and milkshakes only to spill the drink everywhere and uses way too much whipped cream. But despite her mishaps, she shakes it all off by treating herself to some whipped cream straight from the can.

Not only is the commercial set to one of Swift's tracks, but even includes several Easter eggs. The first reference is a shot of a jukebox playing her single "ME!" followed by a close-up of the check the pop star gives her customers which features the name of her upcoming album, Lover, and a hand-drawn cat.

Plus, the items on the bill cost $13.13 (which fans know is Swift's lucky number) and the total came out to $19.89, which is the year she was born and the title of her fifth studio album.

Capital One via YouTube

She then references $19.89 again when the milkshake comes out exactly to $19.89, too.

Capital One via YouTube

Elsewhere in the video, the words "swiftly," "shake it off," and "extra" are also all used to promote Capital One's new Savor Card, which will give Swift fans/cardholders the opportunity to pre-order Lover ahead of it's August 23rd release—an exclusive deal that also includes a T-shirt.

Watch Taylor Swift's new Capital One commercial, below:

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