Thanksgiving is just around the corner but there is still plenty of time to do some simple crafts.There are some great ideas out there, from table settings, mantle pieces, center pieces and just fun stuff for the kids to do. I found a couple of great ideas that I thought were really cute to share.

This first project is very simple but if you have really small children you might need to substitute a stapler for a glue stick and pre-cut your pieces. You need some paper cups, Popsicle sticks, construction paper and egg crate and some googly eyes. You can then have the kids assemble the pieces to make a turkey. Plus you will have some great decor for the home.

Watch How to Make a Turkey Cup

A cute edible project for your table are these mini cornucopia's for each place setting. They are made using tortillas, small veggies (mini-corns, cherry tomatoes, English peas, baby pickles & carrots), toothpicks and dip or dressing. You cut the tortilla in half and roll each half into a cone shape then secure it with a toothpick and fill it with your tiny veggies.

This video shows you how to make simple placemats for the table. You need a little felt cut to the size you wish, a few embellishment pieces, some ribbon and glue gun. These are simple, cute and can be made to your individual taste. Kids can do these (with limited supervision) while you are cooking.

These are just a few really simple ideas that I found online. Have fun decorating!