Brandon Flowers and the Killers are back with a new album called ‘Battle Born’ and an engaging first single, ‘Runaways.’

The song reveals the Springsteen influence that has highlighted much of the Killers’ work since their second album, ‘Sam’s Town,’ but it augments that heartland rock sound with few strategically-placed synth pulses.

The track opens with quiet piano chords as Flowers sings, “Blond hair blowing in the summer wind / A blue eyed girl playing in the sand / I’ve been on a trail for a little while / But that was the night that she broke down and held my hand.

The pace picks up with the arrival of guitars and frenzied drums when Flowers starts to sound more urgent: “We can’t wait til’ tomorrow
 / You gotta know that this is real baby
 / Why you wanna fight it / 
It’s the one thing you can choose.

‘Runaways’ is not a major departure for the Killers, but its anthemic and summery feel make it perhaps the group’s most appealing single since ‘When You Were Young.’ ‘Battle Born,’ due on Sept. 18, is the Killers’ first new album since 2008′s ‘Day & Age.’


Listen to the Killers, ‘Runaways’

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