Some dogs have a very bad anxiety problem when it comes to thunderstorms or loud noises. Luckily (or not) around here we don’t have a lot of storms but when we do they are usually pretty intense with thunder and lightning. I know my little chihuahua likes to crawl under the bed when storms pop up, my other dogs don’t seem to might the noise too much. I saw this advertise the other night and though what a great idea if it really works. It’s called the Thundershirt, and it’s suppose to keep your dog calm and relaxed during storms.

I decided to check it out and see what was being said about the product. Surprisingly, the response is pretty positive. The company claims it works 80% of the time and they actually offer a 100% guarantee if it doesn’t work or you aren’t satisfied with the product. If you do send it back they donate the used product to animal shelters.

Many vets have known about the concept/product for quite some time and often recommend it for their patients who suffer from anxiety. Some vets use it when performing procedures on animals to keep them calm.

It works similar to swaddling a baby; it puts pressure on certain nerves that have a calming affect on the animal. From what I’ve seen it works or would at least be worth a try. The alternative to the Thundershirt would be medication which many times doesn’t work either.

It’s not just good for thunderstorms but also for separation anxiety, travel anxiety, crate training, problem barking, hyperactivity, leash pulling, and more!

I may just have to try one of these for my baby as long as it comes in an x-small! What do you have to lose? If it doesn’t work you get your money back. By the way they also have them available for cats too.

See the Thundershirt website for more information.