With the start of another school year I am reminded of the many different school house games like tag, red light green light, mother may I, stick ball, dodgeball, kickball or king of the hill. Here's a list of five popular games amongst grade school kids. Check it out and see if you agree.

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    Tag You're It!

    With Tag, it's run for your life and don't be it.

    Tag transcends all languages and generations. It's easy, and fun. Tag is played wherever there's room for kids to run. Anytime a group of kids get together, you're bound to hear those famous words, "tag you're it" and it's game on. I think this is the best game of all time.

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    This game is like baseball but better, because grandma can play

    Kickball applies many of the same rules found in baseball. I love this game because a lot of family members can play it, regardless of athletic ability. I'll never forget the time I saw my grandma run for the first time, I never laughed so hard or had more fun. Lord how I miss those days.

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    Red Rover

    In this game everyone wins

    I call 'Red Rover' the winners game because no matter what side you start on, you will end up on the winning side. I love hearing kid's voices yelling, "red rover, red rover let whoever come over." If you were the last to be picked on a side, you will usually be the first to be called over. Red Rover requires a minimum of six players. Let the games begin.

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    Red Light Green Light

    This game tested my ability to listen and stop on a dime

    This game is fun with a lot of  kids playing. Thinking back I don't remember me ever making it to the light, because if you moved or talked, you got sent back. I think my problem was mostly talking (go figure). I'm glad to see  my grandchildren still playing the games that kept me and my generation entertained for years.

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    Dodge Ball

    Every man for himself

    Dodgeball, is not for the faint at heart. It's hard hitting  and it helps if you're fast on your feet. As a kid, I don't think we ever got tired or took a break for that matter. Dodgeball reminds me of those ancient Roman coliseum matches, where every man had to fight to the finish, and only one remained standing. I liked dodgeball but it wasn't my favorite because someone always went home crying.