As 2022 approaches, the majority of us want to leave the past two years in our rearview mirror while never looking back or speaking of this time again. Hopefully, that means there will be plenty of surprises for the Abilene area in 2022.

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To get a pulse of the community, I reached out on Facebook to see what everyone thought about 2022 and some of their predictions for the upcoming year. While the majority of these headlines and predictions are sarcastic, there are a few that seem way too obvious to actually happen next year.

Word to the wise, these are merely sarcastic predictions; don't get offended.


Growing up, I used to get excited about all of the year-end editions of those tabloid magazines claiming Nostradamus predicted what would happen in the coming year. Now, we get to use the interwebs for such claims. The way I see it, we can manifest certain futures, so don't get too serious about predicting 2022. Use your powers for good, not bad.

The only prediction that I hope comes true in the new year is the vitriol surrounding COVID to disappear. However, due to the passion of each side, I doubt that'll happen. So, with that, all I ask for in the new year is to strive to be a good human.

Happy New Year to all and please remember to drink responsibly when ringing in the new year.

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