The band Toto is probably best known for their songs 'Africa' and 'Rosanna'. They have sold over 35 million albums and will soon release their first new album in almost 10 years. The album is set for March release with a major tour in support. We have all the details here.The new album also features the return of original bassist David Hungate as Mike Porcaro (bass) is suffering from ALS. Porcaro was the reason the group reformed in 2010; they performed benefit shows in his honor. European dates have already been set with North American tour dates to follow during the summer.

The group is releasing the new album 'TOTO XIV' in Europe on 3/20/15, the UK and Oceania 3/23/15 and here in North America 3/24/15.

Although the group is super tight as a band they also have individual careers that have done extremely well. As a band they have sold over 35 million albums but their collective works brings their total to a mind blowing half-billion albums. They formed in the late '70s and continue to still be relevant 30 plus years later.

So how have they stayed so relevant? They play everything! They are a little pop, rock, R&B, jazz and funk. The group formed after having played together in other bands (such as Boz Scaggs), attending high school together or being related (brothers). They signed with Columbia Records in 1977 and began work on their first album.

So where did the name Toto come from anyway? There were many rumors but the truth is that Jeff Porcaro wrote the word Toto on their demo tapes to distinguish them from other peoples work. David Hungate informed the group that the word in Latin meant 'all encompassing' which is exactly what the band was; so the name stuck.

Some of the members have come and gone over the years but one thing is for sure they keep the music real. Look for their new album out in March and the North American leg of their tour sometime during the summer.

Check Out the Video for "Africa" From Toto