You don't want to get caught with your pants on the ground in Collinsville, Illinois. The town has actually passed a law against wearing pants that are below the waistline.

The mayor of Collinsville, John Miller disagrees with the new city ordinance. He says he believes it is 'obstructing the nature of what this country is founded on'.

Baggy pants have been somewhat in the spotlight since that infamous American Idol audition of 'Pants On The Ground', but apparently the message of the song - 'lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground' - still hasn't registered with some people.

The city councilwoman responsible for the new law is sticking to her guns. Liz Dalton (check out that wild west last name) says, 'Residents are getting tired of seeing people's underpants as they walk down the street. When I start hearing repeat requests as an elected official, I have to listen.'

The fine for wearing those baggy pants in Collinsville is $100 and community service for a first offense. Subsequent offenses will get in offenders' pockets even more at $300 plus community service. (via

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