Next to Santa Claus the Easter Bunny is the probably the most loved holiday figure and just like Santa you can track the Easter Bunny's whereabouts.

Santa is tracked by NORAD but E.B. is tracked via Google Earth and the Easter Bunny Tracker. Currently the Easter Bunny is resting. He has just a few more days to get ready for all those basket deliveries. You can check the countdown here to see when E.B. is ready to head out on his rounds.

What is interesting is to see where all E.B. makes stops. He makes his way all over the world; New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, France, Ireland and of course the U.S.

In the mean time you can color, play games, read some Easter poetry, shop and more on the Easter Bunny's website.The little ones will love this site.

Good luck finding all those Easter eggs this year!