Someone incredibly close to Justin Bieber traveled all the way to Madrid, Spain to spend their birthday with the singer, who is currently on a promotional tour as the release of ‘Believe’ looms. No, it wasn’t his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, as her birthday is next month. So, just who was it?

It was Papa Bieber, Jeremy Jack Bieber, that’s who. The elder JB tweeted that he and daughter Jazmyn, who is The Biebs’ baby sister, were in Spain with their famous relative. The only one who wasn’t hanging out was little Jaxon Bieber, his son and The Biebs’ brother.

Below is Jeremy Bieber’s tweet about enjoying his birthday in Spain. He’s not 22, obviously. That’s a joke on his part. Since that’d mean he was four when he fathered his famous son, which is physically impossible. He’s reportedly 39! He’s also half-responsible for The Biebs, so the Beliebers have to love him. We can also think of plenty of Beliebers who would like to spend their birthdays hanging with the singer, but when you’re his dad, you automatically get that privilege.