I absolutely get it. Life is busy, especially this time of year. When you have children it can become even more difficult. Finding someone to watch your young children is common for many reasons. There's work and errands just for starters. Childcare can be a real problem.

I'm the oldest of the kids in my family. So, growing up I was usually put in charge of watching my younger sisters if my dad was working and mom ran to the store. There were never any incidents but it makes me wonder if I was even old enough at the time to be left alone and in charge.

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Leaving young children home alone is on the rise. But, is it legal to leave your young children alone? In a blog from attorneys Varghese and Summersett the answer is revealed.


The answer kind of depends. When it comes to what age you can leave a child home alone, the Texas law doesn't specify an age. However, it does state that if a child under 15 is left alone and something bad occurs (such as a fire, etc.) you could be charged with child abandonment.

Child abandonment in Texas means leaving a child without providing reasonable and necessary care for the child. You've got to be careful to protect yourself and your children. I know there are plenty of reasonable 15 years out there but it's the things that happen that they can't control. That's the scary part. The short video below dives further into the story.

I think we'll all agree that the protection and safety of the children are most important to everyone involved. That includes keeping them safe in this heat. We've got you covered. Keep scrolling for the snack and meal ideas that'll help keep your kiddos hydrated.

Simple Snack & Meal Ideas to Keep Your Kids Hydrated on Triple Digit Days

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