If you haven't heard 'Scream and Shout' by Will.i.am and Britney Spears by now, then you're seriously missing out on some catchy music ... and Brit's accent during the verses. That alone makes it worth the listen, right?

But while the song is blowing up the charts -- it's currently No. 1 on the iTunes Singles chart -- and receiving pretty awesome reviews due to the addictiveness of it all, questions about the accent Brit sings with have emerged from fans. Has she taken her love for Madonna too far this time? Was she simply having fun?

"Are you the one that asked her to do the British accent?" asked an interviewer from the KISS 102.7 radio station backstage at their 2012 Jingle Ball concert. "No no, it was the vibe, you know, because my career in the U.K. is pretty monstrous," said Will.i.am. One of the interviewers even asked if it was an effect used during post-production of the song. Right.

So really, Brit was just helping the hip-hop artist pay homage to the country that has kept his career at sky-high levels.

We dig that, but we're having a hard time emulating Brit on that song now when we do our impression.

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