Will.i.am can't plug the holes in the dam that is his '#willpower' solo album. It leaked all over the place, forcing him to push the release back to a TBD date. Now 'You and Me,' his collabo with Justin Bieber, has landed online in all its Auto-tuned, semi-robotic, Twitter referential glory.

What's it sound like?

Well, it's a hip-hop jam with spacey instrumentation and Auto-tune. There's lot of Auto-tune.  And that spacey stuff? Well, this is an artist who did premiere a song on Mars, so no shock there. Will drops a reference to Bruno Mars while using all sorts of social media-speak in his raps, like the line, "Our love is trending." Really, will? You went there? #wegetit. Maybe we'll even RT it.

Social media is the preferred mode of communication among millennials and beyond. They'd rather tweet and text than talk to someone. Will certainly understands that and this song is proof of that fact.

The Biebs drops the repeated line "You and me together / Forever" in the chorus, which pretty much makes him the song's window dressing. His appearance also gives the song a promo angle, like "OMG, Biebs and will on a track? That's gotta be hot. We hafta listen."

The verdict? Less lyrical mentions of hashtags and more Bieber, please!

Listen to will.i.am + Justin Bieber 'You and Me'

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