Diamond White is so sweet and so likable, that you find yourself rooting for the girl that Britney Spears inexplicably sent home early on 'X Factor.'

White was so thankful to be brought back to the competition, that she was spilling her guts with gratitude to Spears, who smiled and shook her head, simply saying, "There's no need to thank me, sweetie. You're meant to be here." It was a sweet moment -- one we wish we shared with Spears... darn our luck.

Brit chose 'Halo' by Beyonce for White to sing at the live shows, and dang girl, why not pick a more vocally challenging song for the young 13-year-old? She cautioned White not to go too high, because that's where she goes off-key, so her performance was sung in a more alto tone, which suited her nicely.

L.A. Reid, who pointed out that she started off shaky, said she had really big shoes to fill, but that she did just that. Demi Lovato mentioned that she gives the rest of the competition a run for the money, and Simon Cowell, who praised the girl's more demure look, said they found a star in her.

And then there was Spears, in her berry-red lips, gushing over how proud she is of White and how she keeps amazing her every week. Ugh, why can't we be friends with Britney!?