Zombies and Christmas: two great things that go great together. What better way to celebrate the holiday than with zombie Christmas cards? This collection of actual Christmas cards morbidly celebrates all things undead -- from zombie Santa Claus to 'The Walking Dead' favorites Daryl Dixon and Michonne.


  • 1

    Season's Eatings Christmas Card

    Eating gingerbread men is fine, but the thought of it being the other way around makes us cringe! This Christmas card features zombified versions of the popular Christmas cookie, complete with bloody, crumbly stumps.

  • 2

    Zombie Santa Christmas Card

    After seeing this creepy undead version of Santa Claus, we think we'll be waiting by the chimney with a shotgun this Christmas Eve.

  • 3

    Walking Dead Christmas Card

    This Christmas card features one of the more memorable walkers featured in the hit TV show 'The Walking Dead.'

  • 4

    Santa Claus, Zombie Killer

    How would Santa Claus deal with a zombie outbreak? He'd whip out a pair of glocks, of course!

  • 5

    Ghoul-tide Greetings

    In case you didn't know, zombies are also called ghouls. This creepy Christmas card ditches the cartoon-y angle and reminds us that if people died and came back to life to eat other people they'd likely be scary.

  • 6

    Hope Your Holidays Don't Bite Card

    Inject a little humor (and not a zombie virus) into your Christmas with this fun card that reads, 'Hoping that your holidays don't bite!'

  • 7

    Michonne Christmas Card

    Everybody loves Michonne from 'The Walking Dead,' so this Christmas card featuring a silhouette of the fan-favorite zombie slayer with her chained zombie cohorts and brandishing her deadly katana is a standout.

  • 8

    Daryl Dixon Christmas Card

    'Walking Dead' fave Daryl Dixon is the one guy we'd want with our group during a zombie outbreak, although we think he'd be more likely to kill reindeer then save them from zombies. But, hey, you need to eat during the zombie apocalypse.