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‘The Jungle Book’ TV Spot Invites You to ‘Live the Legend’
Disney has released a new TV spot for The Jungle Book, offering a fresh look at Jon Favreau’s live-action / CGI adventure with a little bit of new footage thrown in for good measure. Titled “Live the Legend,” the spot opens with Ben Kingsley’s Bagheera, the panther mentor of young Mowgli, explaining the (bare?) necessity of returning the boy to the jungle.
One Movie Theater Is Showing ‘Groundhog Day’ For 24 Straight Hours on Groundhog Day
In the comedy classic Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s curmudgeonly newscaster Phil Connors starts to lose his mind after repeatedly living the exact same February 2 over and over again. For the low price of ten pounds (approximately $14 in real money), patrons of Liverpool’s Small Cinema can now live Phil’s Groundhog Day experience for real — but not the part where he seduces beautiful women, or becomes a better person, or is Bill Murray. Really just the repetition and its accompanying descent into madness.

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