Watch This Hilarious Redneck Fishing Tournament Video
Interested in an unconventional and fun way to go fishing? Then check out this Redneck Fishing Tournament in Bath, Illinois. Forget your rod and reel you won't need them. All you really need is a net and hold on. This high speed way of catching the high jumping Asian carp is like NASCAR on a ri…
June is 'Go Fish' Month in Texas State Parks
I remember, like many of you, going fishing when I was a kid. Unfortunately I don't get to do that much anymore. Many kids these days are so into electronics they probably have no idea how much fun fishing and the outdoors can be. That's why the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are host…
Dude Perfect Explore Fishing Stereotypes
I love it when I come in on Monday's and there is a new Dude Perfect video posted. These guys have way too much fun and I wish I was with them. Lately, they have been focusing on different sports stereotypes like golf, fantasy football, pick-up basketball and now it's fishing.
5 Scary Fishing Videos of Predators Stealing Fish
Have you ever told a tall tale about a fish that got away? When I saw these videos I knew someone somewhere was telling a good ole tale of a fish they landed, only to have it snatched away, by an overzealous predator. After viewing these videos I realized we're not at the top of the food chain.
Russians Use Grenade as Depth Charge on Fishing Trip [VIDEO]
As a kid I can remember making small explosive devices with plastic soda bottles and other common household ingredients. I then used that as a depth charge at a local creek. Every so often we’d see a turtle or alligator gar rise to the surface but that’s about it.
Well, apparently these Russians were…