UPDATED 8/30/21:

We just received word that this year's beer summit has been canceled. The following is the statement regarding said cancellation.

Due to several changes over the last couple of days, we are unfortunately going to cancel Abilene Beer Summit this year. We are so sad to have to do this, but COVID has made things more difficult.
You will receive a refund for your tickets in the next couple of days.

We'll try again next year!

Thank you for being part of the Abilene Beer Summit event. [Abilene Beer Summit]

The Abilene Beer Summit is 'Abilene's Craft Beer Experience', featuring over 125 different beers from 45 breweries, along with live music and delicious food.

This year's event will present a 'whole new experience' when it moves, from Frontier Texas, to the SoDA District Courtyard on Saturday, September 11th. The event will take place from 2pm-6pm, that day, but VIPs can enter the gates an hour early.

The SoDA District Courtyard is located at 834 South 3rd Street in Abilene.

Not only will you get a full afternoon of fun in the beautifully upgraded SoDA District, but the event also benefits New Horizons, a local foster and adoption organization.

General passes are $40 which includes 12 free beer samples of your choice plus access to the live entertainment, beer, and food. You can also purchase the VIP pass for $125 which gets you in an hour before anyone else, VIP tent exclusive access that features catered food and beverages, exclusive free swag, and multiple beer samples.

Tickets will go on sale very soon, so get them when you can. This is an event you can't afford to miss. Bookmark this page and we'll keep you updated as to when and where you can purchase tickets.

If you'd like to volunteer to help at the Abilene Beer Summit, then simply fill out the form here.

Take it from someone who has been every year, the Abilene Beer Summit is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.

Get more details on Abilene Beer Summit's website or Facebook page.

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