A recently released study that was conducted by both The Guardian.com and Oxford University has revealed that we Americans are willing to give up a lot of things just to be able to continue drinking our favorite alcohol. More interestingly we Texans are willing to give up a lot more.

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33% of Texans said they would give up caffeine "for life" if it meant that they could continue to drink alcohol. Other things stuck out, but none were as attention-getting as the number one thing we Texans are so ready to give up in order to keep boozing it up.

Even More Surprising Is What Over 50% Of Texans Are Willing To Give Up

This is the one statistic that stuck out in my mind of the 3700 people surveyed, over 50% of Texas drinkers are willing to give up three years of life in order to continue drinking beer, wine, or hard liquor. The majority of fellow Texans are willing to give up three years of their life to be able to continue boozing it up.

Is this clever Marketing or What?

Of all those that were surveyed in Texas, 37% believe those craft beers are healthier than regular commercial beer. Despite the fact that many craft beers contain a higher level of alcohol content. The study also showed that the higher the alcohol content the more calories that specialty beer will have. Therefore, if you're consuming craft beer frequently it may create an increase in your beltline.

Finally, a separate study revealed that 46% thought alcohol reduces an individual's risk of developing cardiovascular disease, 31% wrongly believed it can actually increase life expectancy, 15% thought it prevented you from catching a common cold, and 8% even believe it lowered your risk for diabetes of which none of those stats are true.

More interestingly though are the three states that are willing to give up five years of life just to be able to drink, according to the CDC's latest statistics, listed below:

Photo by: CDC.gov/alcohol/features/

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